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Getting Burned Out During Recruitment Process?

Stabilize Your Seesaw Relationship: Our Offer Ghosting Solution Converts Fluctuating Commitments into Lasting Bonds.

With Our Platform Make Informed Decisions While Accepting A Job Offer Or Hiring

We have blockchain based solution which helps tackle scenarios like Employer Ghosting, HR Ghosting, Recruiter Ghosting, Company Ghosting, Candidate Ghosting Employers, Employee Ghosting Employer, Job Abandonment, Candidate Ghosting Recruiters, Employees Ghosting Companies to list a few and which helps bring back Work Commitments and Transparency

Find How Offer Ghosting Impacting Everyone In This Ecosystem.

What is Ghosting or Offer Ghosting at Work?
Here's What You Need to Know

Are you Candidate and looking for job? How a Candidate is affected?

Employer Ghosting

Uncover the truth behind employer ghosting: when companies vanish post-interview, leaving candidates questioning. Share experiences, fight against ghosted silence.

HR Ghosting

Navigate the frustration of HR ghosting. Share your story when HR abandoned communication, demanding accountability and change in recruitment practices.

Recruiter Ghosting

Challenge recruiter ghosting: the silent treatment after job applications. Voice your experiences, advocate for responsive, respectful recruiting processes

Are you Business and looking to hire candidates? How a business is affected?

Candidate Ghosting

Secured a promising candidate but they vanished after accepting the job offer? This unexpected behavior can throw off your recruitment strategy.

Employee Ghosting

It's more than just a no-show, no-call. When employees suddenly stop coming to work without notice, it disrupts team dynamics and project timelines.

Job Abandonment

Beyond ghosting, there's the issue of employees leaving their roles without formal resignation, creating operational challenges, financial and reputation loss

Our Comprehensive Solution

Our Offer Ghosting Solution does not just tackle hiring challenges. We address the entire spectrum, from candidate ghosting to employee job abandonment. With our tools and strategies, we’re bringing back the “Commitment First” and “Transparency” ethos to the workplace.


Our Product Features : Candidates

Report Company Ghosting

Empowerment Through Reporting: Gain the power to report your ghosting experiences in the job market. By sharing your story, you contribute to a more transparent recruitment process.

Find Company Trust Score

Increased Awareness: Stay informed about companies' and recruiters' ghosting patterns. Your awareness can help you make better decisions in your job search.

Access to Real-Time Job Notifications

Stay ahead with real-time notifications about ghosting trends in your industry and location. This insight can be crucial for your career decisions.

Our Product Features for Businesses

Report Candidate Ghosting

Ever faced a situation where a promising candidate disappears without a trace? With our "Report Candidate Ghosting" feature, employers and recruiters can document such incidents. This not only holds candidates accountable but also serves as a valuable reference for other companies during their hiring processes.

Find Candidates Trust Score

Before you extend that job offer, wouldn't you want to know the candidate's reliability? Our "Find Candidates Trust Score" feature provides insights into a candidate's job ghosting patterns. This empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring you onboard trustworthy and committed individuals.

View Candidate History on Blockchain

Authenticity and transparency are paramount in hiring. Our system leverages the power of permissioned blockchain technology to store candidate data. Only stakeholders with the right permissions can access this data, ensuring confidentiality. Moreover, the inherent transparency and immutability of blockchain allow employers to verify crucial documents like Employment History, Experience Letters, and Relieving Letters with ease. Say goodbye to expensive and lengthy background checks!

Frequently Asked Questions