1.1 Overview

    In today’s digital age, securing sensitive data is not just a necessity; it’s a responsibility. Our API plays a crucial role in this  domain by enabling clients to encrypt ‘Report Ghosting’ data before it’s sent back to our servers. This documentation  is designed to guide you through the process of securely encrypting this data, ensuring that it remains confidential and tamper-   proof during transmission.

  1.2 Purpose of the API

    The primary function of our API is to provide a secure, efficient means of encrypting data related to reporting “ghosting”     incidents. Ghosting, in this context, refers to the phenomenon where individuals cease all communication without notice,     often in professional settings. Our API ensures that sensitive details related to such reports are fully encrypted before being     transmitted to our servers for processing.

  1.3 The Encryption and Transmission Process

    Our API facilitates a two-step process:

    1. **Data Encryption**:

     Utilize our encryption standards to convert the ‘Report Ghosting’ data from a readable     format into a secure, encrypted     format using a provided key.

    2. **Secure Transmission**:

    Once the data is encrypted, the API provides the mechanism to securely send this encrypted data to our server. This     ensures that the information remains confidential and intact from the point of encryption to the point of decryption on our     server.

  1.4 Importance of Encryption

   Encrypting data before transmission is vital for several reasons:

   – **Confidentiality**: 

   Ensures that sensitive information related to ghosting incidents is not exposed to unauthorized entities.


   – **Integrity**:

   Protects the data from being altered in transit, ensuring that the information received by the server is exactly what was sent.


   – **Compliance**:

   Meets legal and regulatory requirements for data protection, a critical aspect for businesses handling personal or sensitive     data.

   1.5 Target Audience

   This documentation is intended for:

    – **Developers**: 

    Who will integrate the encryption and data transmission functionalities into their systems.


    – **Security Analysts**:

    Professionals focusing on the security implementation within their projects can leverage this API to enhance data     protection measures.


  – **Project and Team Leaders**:

   Individuals responsible for ensuring their teams’ compliance with data security best practices.

  1.6 Application Scenarios

   – **Human Resources Platforms**:

   Secure reporting of ghosting incidents within recruitment processes.

   – **Professional Networking Services**:

   Reporting unresponsive behavior in a professional context, ensuring the details are securely transmitted.


    – **Customer Service Platforms**:

     Encrypting reports of service ghosting or unresponsiveness for analysis without compromising user privacy.