Embracing Silence: The Unspoken Journey After Accepting a Job Offer in the Corporate World

Embracing Silence: The Unspoken Journey After Accepting a Job Offer in the Corporate World

The Challenges of Ghosting in Professional Settings

Ghosting, a common phenomenon in the corporate world, refers to the sudden disappearance or lack of communication from individuals after accepting a job offer. It has become an increasingly prevalent issue, causing significant losses in terms of time, energy, and money for businesses.

According to various news sources, companies across industries have reported losses as a result of job offer ghosting. These losses include wasted recruitment efforts, delayed project timelines, and increased costs due to the need for additional hiring processes.

One of the solutions to address this issue lies in the Offer Ghosting Platform developed by Sumeru Digital, a blockchain-based platform utilizing Hyperledger Fabric. This innovative platform aims to eliminate the challenges associated with ghosting in the professional realm.

Report Candidate Ghosting

The Offer Ghosting Platform provides a powerful feature called “Report Candidate Ghosting.” This feature enables businesses to report instances of ghosting they have experienced. By documenting these incidents, businesses can raise awareness and contribute to eradicating this pervasive problem.

Find Candidates Trust Score

Another noteworthy feature of the Offer Ghosting Platform is the ability to find candidates’ trust scores. This trust score provides businesses with valuable insights into the reliability and commitment of potential candidates. By leveraging this information, businesses can make more informed decisions during the hiring process.

View Candidate History on Blockchain

The Offer Ghosting Platform also offers the feature to view candidates’ history on the blockchain. This visibility allows businesses to gain a holistic view of a candidate’s past interactions with job offers and evaluate their consistency and reliability.

This level of transparency, facilitated by blockchain technology, empowers businesses to make well-informed decisions while minimizing the risks associated with ghosting.

In conclusion, the Offer Ghosting Platform developed by Sumeru Digital presents a comprehensive and effective solution to the challenges of ghosting in professional settings. By addressing this issue head-on and implementing blockchain technology, businesses can mitigate losses in terms of time, energy, and money.

It is essential for business owners and hiring managers to start reporting any ghosting incidents they have experienced in the past or recently. By collectively sharing these experiences, the industry can work towards eradicating this pandemic-like problem and promoting a culture of work commitments and professionalism.

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