Ghosted After The Background Check: How Job Applicants Are Being Left in the Dark

Ghosted After The Background Check: How Job Applicants Are Being Left in the Dark

In the professional world, many job applicants are facing a new and frustrating phenomenon known as “ghosting.” The term ‘ghosting’ refers to when a candidate is left in the dark after going through the entire hiring process, including successfully passing the background check.

This issue has become prevalent in today’s corporate landscape, causing significant losses in terms of time, energy, and money. According to reports from several reputable news sources, such as and Business Wire, ghosting has become increasingly common, with around 30% of job candidates experiencing this phenomenon at least once in their job search.

These statistics highlight the urgent need for a solution to address this problem. The Offer Ghosting Platform, developed by Sumeru Digital, offers a blockchain-based solution using Hyperledger Fabric.

Offer Ghosting Platform – A Holistic Solution

The Offer Ghosting Platform introduces several innovative features to combat ghosting and provide a more transparent and accountable hiring process. One key feature is the “Report Candidate Ghosting” functionality. Employers can report incidents of ghosting, creating a database that helps identify patterns and repeat offenders.

Another essential component of the platform is the “Find Candidates Trust Score.” This feature evaluates a candidate’s reliability based on their previous history, including feedback from previous employers. Employers can assess a candidate’s trustworthiness before proceeding with the hiring process.

The platform also enables employers to “View Candidate History on Blockchain.” This functionality offers complete transparency by displaying a candidate’s employment history, qualifications, and any reported ghosting incidents recorded on the blockchain.

The Utility of the Offer Ghosting Platform

The Offer Ghosting Platform brings tremendous value to the hiring process by minimizing the losses associated with ghosting incidents. Businesses can save significant amounts of time and resources by avoiding candidates with a history of ghosting. This comprehensive solution fosters a more committed and accountable workforce.

Business owners are strongly urged to sign up for a free trial of the Offer Ghosting Platform. By reporting any past or recent ghosting incidents they have experienced, they contribute to eradicating this pandemic-like problem in the business world. With more organizations using the platform, a database of trust scores and candidate histories will be built, making it easier for employers to identify reliable candidates.

Start Taking Action

To take advantage of the Offer Ghosting Platform’s benefits, visit their website at You can register for a free trial at Join the growing community committed to putting an end to ghosting and bringing back strong work commitments.

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