Recruiter Ghosting: The Alarming Trend Leaving Job Seekers in the Dark

Recruiter Ghosting: The Alarming Trend Leaving Job Seekers in the Dark

In today’s professional world, the phenomenon of recruiter ghosting is on the rise, leaving many job seekers in a state of uncertainty and frustration. This alarming trend, which impacts not only individuals but also businesses who hire employees, has been receiving significant attention in recent times.

According to a report by, **job seekers spend an average of six weeks in their job search**, which includes preparing their resumes, attending interviews, and engaging in discussions with recruiters. However, a significant number of these individuals never hear back from the recruiters after investing so much time and effort.

The losses incurred due to recruiter ghosting are not limited to time and energy. There are financial implications as well. An article featured in Business News reported that **companies lose an average of $30,000 per unfilled position due to ghosting**, including costs associated with recruiting, onboarding, and lost productivity.

Recognizing the need for a solution to combat recruiter ghosting, Sumeru Digital has developed an Offer Ghosting Platform using **Hyperledger Fabric**, a blockchain-based technology. This platform aims to provide a holistic view of the entire recruiting process while ensuring transparency and trust among all parties involved.

The Offer Ghosting Platform: Features and Benefits

The Offer Ghosting Platform offers various features designed to address the challenges presented by recruiter ghosting:

1. Report Candidate Ghosting

With this feature, businesses can report instances of ghosting by candidates, allowing for a centralized system to track such incidents. By reporting ghosting, businesses contribute to a comprehensive database that helps identify patterns and trends in the job market.

2. Find Candidates Trust Score

The platform assigns a trust score to candidates based on their responsiveness and professionalism throughout the recruiting process. This score helps businesses make informed decisions while evaluating potential hires, reducing the risk of encountering ghosting incidents.

3. View Candidate History on Blockchain

The Offer Ghosting Platform utilizes blockchain technology to store and verify the history of candidates. This feature allows businesses to access a transparent record of a candidate’s previous interactions, including their response rates and communication history with other organizations.

By incorporating into their recruiting strategy, businesses can streamline their hiring processes, minimize the risk of ghosting, and ultimately save valuable time and resources.

Take Action and Eradicate Ghosting

To tackle this pervasive issue, it is crucial for business owners and hiring managers to start reporting any past or recent ghosting incidents they have encountered. This collective effort will help to create awareness and drive change within the industry.

Signing up for a **free trial** of the Offer Ghosting Platform is a meaningful step toward eradicating ghosting from your recruiting process. Visit to register and experience the benefits firsthand.

Remember, by actively participating in this initiative, we can bring back work commitments and restore trust in the professional world.

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