The Rising Challenge of Employee Ghosting: Solutions Powered by Offer Ghosting Platform

Employee ghosting has become an alarming issue in today’s professional settings, causing significant losses in terms
of time, energy, and money. According to recent reports, Example
stated that 82% of employers have experienced ghosting incidents across various industries.

This trend has left employers frustrated, struggling to find suitable candidates and wasting valuable resources in
the process. The Offer Ghosting Platform, developed by Sumeru Digital, presents an innovative blockchain-based
solution using Hyperledger Fabric to combat this rising problem.

Understanding the Impact of Employee Ghosting

Ghosting occurs when potential or hired employees suddenly disappear, avoiding communication and failing to show up
for interviews or first days of work. This behavior leads to disruption and creates a negative impact on the

Studies conducted by Example News revealed that ghosting can
cost companies thousands of dollars per incident. Additionally, it results in wasted time, decreased productivity,
and heightened stress levels for employers who must scramble to find suitable replacements.

The Offer Ghosting Platform: Harnessing Blockchain Technology

Sumeru Digital recognized the urgent need for a solution and developed the Offer Ghosting Platform. This innovative
platform utilizes blockchain technology to provide transparency, reliability, and trust in the hiring process.

The key features of the Offer Ghosting Platform include:

  • Report Candidate Ghosting: Employers can report instances of ghosting, creating a record on the
    blockchain. This helps identify repeat offenders and raises awareness about the issue.
  • Find Candidates Trust Score: The platform assigns a trust score to candidates based on their
    previous interactions and history, helping employers make informed hiring decisions.
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